For over 20 years I've worked as a two-way radio sales manager and installer for companies like Kenwood Communications, Motorola and Vertex Standard. Prior to working in two-way radio, I owned a photography studio and traveled around the country for 15 years photographing covers for magazines and exploring my creativity in photographing nighttime scenes. I enjoy promoting and dancing to blues, r&b and swing. A few of the radio stations I listen to are WVIA, 89.9 FM, Wilkes-Barre, PA  and 91.1 FM, (Temple University) Mount Pocono, PA. and WHLM, 103.5, Bloomsburg, PA. The bands I like are Blue Sparks From Hell (they celebrated 32 years in 2009, before the passing of C.T. Tucker, the front man), Kings in Disguise (original r&b), The Contribution, Saffire, Uppity Blues Women, Clarence Spady Blues Band, Reggie Brown and the Soul Busters (r&b, soul, & blues) and Big Daddy Dex (greatstuff) from Wilkes-Barre, PA. The Love Dogs (r&b, swing), from Boston, the VooDoo Rhythm Kings (swing), from NYC and Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy. There is a tape of really good blues music, but the name may turn you off unless you like Bart and Homer. It is called "The Simpson's Sing the Blues" and there are some really great musicians on here. If you like R&B it is a must hear. There are a number of clubs that offer good live music, the Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ, (they are now reopened and going strong) the River Street Jazz Cafe in Plains (W-B), PA and the Sarah Street Grill, Stroudsburg are other local clubs offering good live music.

I have been involved in different aspects of auto racing with the Northern NJ Region  of the Sports Car Club of America. From driving to scrutineering {tech inspector} to flagging there is a lot  you can do on the  amateur  level  of  the sport. It was nice to be able to sit down with Paul Newman, Tom Cruise or Tim (the tool man) Allen after a race and hear them talk about the race they just drove. Tech is also fun as you get to inspect the cars before they go on the track and make sure they are safe and legal. Then impound the winners to see that they stayed legal. You also get to see how the drivers prepare their cars for racing with the sweat, tears and yes sometimes blood. The most exciting form of racing I got involved with is a program called SCCA PRO Rally, "real cars on real roads going real fast".  Now sanctioned by Rally America. You do not get to 'practice' like all other forms of track racing. You must rely on your co-driver {navigator} to give you the correct instructions as to where and when to turn. The best PRO Rally in the East is right here in PA. It is called the Susquehannock Trails Performance Rally {STPR}, in beautiful Wellsboro, PA the Grand Canyon of the East, just 45 minutes north of Williamsport. The best spectator spot was the water crossing, where the cars are coming down a sweeping right turn into a quick left and then into Stony Fork Creek. The finish line is in the middle of the creek. (DCNR closed this in 2008) I did this for many years as a driver and co-driver, driving a VW Rabbit and an AUDI Quattro, 5 cylinder monster. They use approximately 400 volunteers, of which 40 are amateur radio operators to provide communications throughout the event. Without them or any of the workers, the event will not proceed, as safety is their main concern.

      Speaking of ham radio, my call is WX3ROB. I have been licensed since 1993 and have enjoyed meeting and working with other hams. My elmer, Ken, KX2O {
and former rally partner} really helped me understand the hobby and get on the air. Thank you Ken.

      As part of my amateur radio hobby, I have worked with several search & rescue teams in NEPA as communications director as well as the National Weather Service, {past Chairman of the SKYWARN Technical Committee} Mount Holly, NJ,
PEMA, (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) the American Red Cross and the White Haven & Luzerne County EMA. I am the Past President of the Luzerne County Fire Police Assoc, a PA State Certified Fire Police Officer,  Instructor and Evaluator,  Lieutenant of the Kidder Twp Fire Police (Carbon County), and  Lehigh & Lausanne Fire Company.



In memory of two passengers from Flight 93.
Linda Gronlund and Joe DeLuca, two very good friends of mine.

   I hope you enjoy my the rest of my website.   There will be more happening.

' 73 Rob, WX3ROB

updated July 2012